How To Write Effective Google Ads

Google AdWords is a fantastic way of advertising your business online in a cost effective manner. But where do you start when it comes to creating an Ad? Here are some handy tips designed to help you write effective ads…

Google Ads – The Basics

Google Ads are the small boxes which appear, normally, down the right hand side of a search result page. They can also appear within a web page itself. Their characteristics are as follows:

– 25 characters for the headline

– 35 characters per text row

– 2 rows of text per ad

– URL destination

This may seem limiting to begin with but once you have mastered writing ads you will be thankful that all you need to worry about is words – there are no pictures to source or designs to worry about for example! (Until you start exploring the more advanced platforms that is!)

Think About Your Audience

As with any form of advertising, thinking from your target market’s point of view will go a long way to ensure that your ads will connect with them. Think carefully about the wording and make sure you give the potential customer a reason to click.

What do your audience want and why do they want it?

Think About the End Result

At the end of the day you want potential customers to click on your ad and buy your product / service. Remember this when you are creating your ad – give the customer the information they in need to order to make the decision to click your ad.

Furthermore, make sure that the destination URL is relevant to the ad – do not send the customer on a wild goose chase around your site. They will lose interest and go somewhere else. If your advertising office stationery then take them to a page depicting this, not the blog for example.

Worse still is designing a misleading ad which receives a high click through rate but a low conversion rate. In this scenario you will be paying for people to visit your site and leave again.

Think About Keywords

Search engine users type in certain keywords or phrases in order to find what they are looking for so you need to make sure your ads are designed with these words in them.

For example if you are own a company selling office stationery your ad should include the words ‘office stationery’ as opposed to ‘handy work stuff’.

If you need inspiration when it comes to choosing the most effective keywords then Google provide a useful keyword tool.

Think About Geography

You may be thinking its time to grab your compass and head back to school but remember location is important when it comes to creating ads. If your company or service is location specific then place that in the ad and use Google AdWord’s geographical targeting features.

Think About the Benefits

Why would someone want to buy your product or service? Tell them what is great about this particular thing; sell your services to them.

You may be thinking this is difficult given the limited amount of characters but actually the limit forces you to state the unique selling points without all the fluff of a sales pitch.

Think About Your Budget

No business has unlimited capital and advertising of any sorts can be an expensive process. One of the advantages with Google Ads is that you can create a couple of different ads and test which one proves to be most effective.

Track the results over a couple of weeks and weed out any poor performing ads – this will save you money on unnecessary ads.

The Difference Between a Good Ad and a Bad Ad….
This ad is not very useful at all – there is no engaging text that is just longing for me to click on the link. The headline just tells me the URL which is already situated at the bottom of the ad– why would I need to be told that twice ?

The text that is present doesn’t give a clear indication of what the company does. I can certainly make an educated guess but there is no chance I am going to head to the site if I am guessing what the company does!

Also as a potential customer I don’t really have an interest in whether the site is ‘pretty’ or not, as long as I can order some pens without getting a headache then I’m all good!

Finally, if I click this ad am I going to be taken to the home page of the site? Do I want to have to navigate through the site or would it be useful to head straight to the pen page?

This ad is a vast improvement on the last. The text is enticing and interesting, as a potential customer I am pleased that the product will be of a high standard. I am also grateful that I can order online which saves me the hassle of having to go shopping in my lunch hour.…