How To Market Yourself Using Youtube

Originally founded by three former PayPal employees in 2005, YouTube is a video sharing site where users can watch, upload and share videos. In just over a year and highlighting the popularity of the site, YouTube was bought by search engine giant Google Inc in 2006 for a staggering $1.65 billion. Youtube competitor Project free tv got smashed overnight out of the internet when google deindexed their site from search engine.[read more about project free tv shutdown story here]

Using YouTube as a Marketing Tool

With its simple interface YouTube makes it extremely easy for anyone to upload a video that is then visible to a worldwide audience within minutes. For this very reason it has become an important part of the online marketing mix.

Image Credits: Netflix Cookies

In order to take full advantage of the free service that YouTube offers it is important that your video captures and entertains your audience – one of the most successful methods of doing this is to stir a bit of comedy into your online performance.

Engage with your audience; inspire them to buy your product or service; be informative and tell them what they want to hear. Adding shed loads of personality, and perhaps a gimmick, will help imprison your audience into your video!

Some of the most successful and entertaining videos on YouTube are made by Blendtec who sell blenders. The videos, which show Tom Dickson the founder of Blendtec blending different everyday items, receive millions of views each month and are a prime example of how doing something a little off the wall can result in video hits. Below you can see Tom in action in the companies most recent video – blending an iPad!


It is possible for you to write a description to accompany your video and there are a number of steps you should remember when doing this:

– Choose the title carefully – Choose something that informs the viewer what the video is about.

– Include your website’s URL – Otherwise people will not know where to head towards to buy your products!

– Inform the viewer what the video entails – A short description of a couple of lines should be enough to tell the viewer what the purpose of the video is.

– Add a small company / personal bio – If you wish you could add a one line bio of your company, or of yourself, just to give the video a more personal feel.

Increasing Your Views

Once your top class piece of production is online you will need to market it – with millions of videos uploaded onto the site it is very easy for your video to get lost in the crowd. There are a number of things which you can do to increase the number of views your video gets:

– Do not make your video too long – Around 2 minutes is a nice length for a YouTube video; in that time you should be able to get your message across without losing the viewer’s attention.

– Share your link with others – Use other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to promote your video; if people enjoy the video then they may re-tweet or post it to others.

– Do not spend too much time and money on production – Remember that most videos on YouTube are uploaded by Joe Public, not a professional production house. Make your video high quality but don’t worry about touching up every shot post production.

– Add tags – Use tags that are related to your video subject in order to optimise it in YouTube’s search results.

– Sound vibrant and not too sales like – Make sure you talk clearly and with a certain level of passion when recording your video. If you are creating a sales video then try not too sound too ‘sales-like’ as this will make people close the video.

Creating videos for YouTube may seem to some to be too time consuming but if done correctly the rewards will far outweigh this.

The key to YouTube is to remember that it is relatively low cost, mainly taken up with the purchase of a digital camera and time, for a potentially high return on investment. A little time and thought will work wonders when using this social media site.…