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There are many ways to promote your website – one being Affiliate Marketing.

Here are 6 things to consider when you begin looking for the right advertisements to promote your site

1. Audience

Every site has an audience, you build you website for a reason – either for your community, for your workplace or for your clients. The most critical thing to remember when choosing your advertisements is – your audience, these are your potential clients.

2. Products

There are many advertisers out there – and they want to be on your website. The last thing you want to be doing is sending your site visitors to a product that is faulty or not worth buying. Always research the product you are advertising.

3. Affiliate Programs

Advertisers – they’re all over the net. Affiliate marketplaces are a great resource .The best thing to do, is to sign up to one and have a browse through the variety of programs that are available to you. Here are a few places to locate links:

– Commission Junction is a awesome starting point, they have a great deal of advertisers – which means more variety for you.

– Google Affiliates along with Google AdSense are both a great resource, with some topadvertisers.

– Bidvertiser is a marketplace where all of the links are on a pay per click basis. For every 100 clicks on the link – you get paid.

If you know of a product you’d like to promote and cannot find a program – you can search their site for a “Webmaster” or “Affiliate” link, if you cannot find a link – email them. Often it is difficult to find advertisers affiliate programs.

4. Revenue

Generating revenue can sometimes be easier said than done. You can have great advertisers, but you’re not getting much cash. Always look at how your commission is earned – here are a few definitions of the most common earnings:

– CPA (Cost per action) – The advertiser pays you if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and makes a specific action on their site such as sign up to a newsletter or make a product inquiry – these differ from each advertiser.
– EPC (Earnings per click) – For every 100 clicks on the link on your site – you will be paid the agreed rate
– CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions) – You receive a flat rate every 1,000 impressions.

Here is a full list of affiliate definitions.

5. Relevance

When you built your website, you would have had in mind what type of site it was going to be. Now that you want to place some advertisers on there you should be searching for advertisers that are relevant to your site – your audience are your customers, find out what things they are finding interesting on your site through a tool such as Google Analytics and go from there.

6. Style and Size

Your advertisements will ultimately be a part of your website design. This is important to remember when searching for your links. Think: image or text, color or not, animated or static, placement & size and avoid flashing banners with stars and contrasting colors. No one likes them.

I hope this article has helped some of you that are not familiar with affiliate marketing. Will you be taking the step toward monetizing your website? Or are you already there?

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